April 2017 Gallery

46 BRAND NEW AMERICAN SOLDIERS by Carl Shortt,jr 30 GIVE ME SOME ROUTE BEER by Carl Shortt,jr. 53 MYRIAD GARDEN SCENE by Joe Wilson 02 Pretty in pink by Joe Wilson
12 READ ME A BEDTIME STORY by Mary Horn : Turner Falls 03 YA THINK by Linda Guenther 15 RIDING THE CURRENTS by Linda Guenther 17 WATER-WHEEL by Linda Guenther
28 COMPADRES by Linda Guenther 50 JUST-A-BIG-BOY by Linda Guenther 27 INTO THE CANYONS by Peyton Osborne : brooklynn bridge 33 SERENITY AT EL CAPITAN by Peyton Osborne : yosemite
56 Battling the Surf 01 by Derrell Dover 41 Play at Home 05 by Derrell Dover 18 EARLY MORNING WATER DROPLETS by Linda Woodrow 24 MISTY TREE by Linda Woodrow
60 A PRETTY PLACE FOR A PICNIC by Linda Woodrow 65 LAKEVIEW SUNSET by Linda Woodrow 31 AN EAR TO THE HEAVENS by George Williams 64 BLUE HERON WITH FISH by George Williams
23 Tiki torch in light wind by Dennis Wigley 45 Colorado mountain peak with Sunshine & Shadowsby Dennis Wigley 39 Spiral galaxies in Leo - M65 and M66 by Dennis Wigley 26 Content by Dennis Wigley
08 BEACH SCENE by June Ranney 62 WHITE WATER RAFTING by June Ranney 29 THAT'S CLOSE ENOUGH by Paul Johnson 34 STANDING FAST by Paul Johnson
54 FLAMINGO S CURVE by Paul Johnson 57 RED SKY IN MORNING by Tim Sharp 14 BAD START TO THE DAY by Tim Sharp 36 AT SEA by Tim Sharp
05 FLYCATHER by Duaine Shaffer 07 Accidents Happen by Diana Bittle 06 Fairy Dancer by Diana Bittle 21 READING WRITING ARITHMETIC by Charles Emmerling
59 CEMETARY IN TAOS by Charles Emmerling 25 TAOS ADOBE CHURCH by Charles Emmerling 04 PARTIALLY BLOCKED by Paul Johnson 51 PEACHES AND CREAM DAFFODIL by Jack DeLisle
55 RADIANT RED ORCHID by Jack DeLisle 22 SEED PODS by Jack DeLisle 38 BIG MACK by Jack DeLisle 47 REFLECTION OF A CATERPILLAR by Vickie Jenkins
09 FALLING APART AT THE SEANS by Vickie Jenkins 37 UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL by Vickie Jenkins 61 STOCKYARDS SUNSET by Paula Tooley 35 RED DOT ABSTRACT by Tommy Evans
11 WALKWAY by Tommy Evans 13 SKYLARK by Tommy Evans 42 CACTUS by Tommy Evans 01Wooden Fence by Tommy Evans
20 SANTA FE TEXTURE by Bill Webster 63 CARDNAL by Bill Wenster 43 RED WALL AND BLUE TIRE vy Bill Webster 40 SENTINEL by Cherie Miller
48 REFURBISHED by Cherie Miller 44 COLOSSEUM by John Williams : 2015, Cruise, Mathews, Mediterranean, Soliz 16 BLAST OFF by John Williams 19 SOUTHERN UTAH VALLEY by Joihn Bowman