September 2017 Gallery

30 MYSTIC FOREST by John Williams 09 MAGELLANIC FJORDS by John Williams 33 BEND IN THE RIVER by John Williams 19 THIS IS OUR LAND by Bill Webster
03 WREN ON THE FENCE by Bill Webster 41 Along the River by Diana Bittle 36 Tall Ship Coming Into Harbor by Diana Bittle 44 Webster Falls by Diana Bittle
20 Contemplating the Edge of the World by Diana Bittle 11 Dandelion In the Wind by Diana Bittle 14 Lightning Baseball by Diana Bittle 45 YELLOW & SALMON DAFFODIL y Jack DeLisle
04 SEED PODS by Jack DeLisle 28 CLOUDY BUT NO RAIN by Jack DeLsile  cof 23 SOUTHEAST FROM THE CREST by Jack DeLisle 25 WAVY LEAF THISTLE by Jack DeLisle
39 WILD VIOLET by Jack DeLisle 37 GOLD STAR MEMORIAL by John Bowman 42 NUMBER 703, by Carl Shortt, Jr. 40 SHOWING OFF Carl Shortt, Jr.
34 TURNBERRY LIGHTHOUSE by Carl Shortt, Jr. 24 ARCHITECTURAL ART by Carl Shortt, Jr. 29 DISTORTION by Carl Shortt, Jr. 07 STAIRS AS ART by Carl Shortt, Jr.
38 PaintedLadies by Carol Shipley Closeup of a golden aster : Flower, Plant, Process images, closeup, mono, sunflower 06 KATHY by John Schultz : Kat, Process images, mono, portrait, studio shot Window reflections : Architecture, Building, Line, Photographic effects, Process images, Reflection, mono
On Berthoud pass : Flower, Process images, landscape, rock, slow motion, waterfall Tough Hombre : Process images, candid, cowboy Colorful grasshopper : Insect, Process images, animal, creative, grasshopper 46 DAMSEL by Kay Williams
15 IN THE BEGINNING by Mary Horn 02 DREAMING OF THE HIGHWAY by Peyton Osborne : mack, muscle car ranch 13 KANSAS WHEAT by Rich Reinholtz 21 CUTIE PIE by Rich Reinholtz
17 SOLITUDE by John Williams 12 NATIVE AMERICAN PRINCESS by Bill Webster 31 A NATURAL BEAUTY by Vickie Jenkins 32 CRUISIN' by Vickie Jenkins
47 A BUG'S LIFE by Vickie Jenkins 10 MY CRYSTAL BALL by Vickie Jenkins 27 YELLOWSTONE LANDSCAPE by Hollis Price 35 SCAVENGING TOGETHER by Hollis Price
05 POP'S POP by Hollis Price 16 BUTTERLIES-AND-BOTTLES by Linda Guenther 18 CAPITOL IN A BOTTLE by Linda Guenther 22 DELMAR-TRUCK by Linda Guenther
49 MIMOSA by Linda Guenther