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November 12, 2019

Skeeter Arnold

 My Story: I am primarily a nature photographer with a heavy emphasis on macro and creativelandscapes. I try to capture and share the details and moments in our beautiful world that are too small or happen too fast for us to see. Such as freezing time to REALLY see and appreciate a lightning bolt or look super close atsmall things that we overlook on a regular basis. I think that people have an inherent (misplaced) phobia of insects.
I think that people have an inherent (misplaced) phobia of insects,but if we slow down and LOOK... we would discover the natural beauty of this world's finerworks of art. The textures, patterns, colors, and structures of the insect world are... well... tiny, andsometimes impossible to see with the naked eye. Therein lies the beauty of Macro Photography.
Skeeter is currently VicePresident of the Metro Professional PhotographersAssociation (Oklahoma City club).
July 8, 2019
Randy Jones
Wildlife Photography
I was born in Norman and have lived in Oklahoma all my life. It was a blessing to have with relatives living in rural settings which provided me with the opportunity to develop a love for nature and wildlife. I was an avid bowhunter that enjoyed the stalk, and learned patience while sitting for hours waiting on that potential shot. There became a time in my life where the desire to harvest meat was replaced with a very simple desire just be there as an observer.

Photography was something I have enjoyed since my early twenties. Family and friends encouraged me to invest in some good quality equipment and to pursue wildlife photography as something other than a hobby.
There is an aspect of wildlife and nature photography where you put yourself in position to capture a moment in time that is very stimulating and satisfying. It's a great adventure to be learning something new all the time.

I purchased a Canon 50D and 100-400 lens.  For my first shoot, I went to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge to capture buffalo. After visiting with some of the employees at the refuge on safe tactics, I learned that bison, their true name, are a pretty docile creature.  However, you need to have a healthy respect for them. I've been treed by aggressive bulls twice. They are not always docile.

In addition to wildlife photography I enjoy taking shots in nature.
Some of my favorites are landscapes, and sunrises and sunsets.

Check out all my galleries at http://randyswildlifeandnaturephotography.com/photogallery/