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November 12, 2019

Skeeter Arnold

 My Story: I am primarily a nature photographer with a heavy emphasis on macro and creativelandscapes. I try to capture and share the details and moments in our beautiful world that are too small or happen too fast for us to see. Such as freezing time to REALLY see and appreciate a lightning bolt or look super close atsmall things that we overlook on a regular basis. I think that people have an inherent (misplaced) phobia of insects.
I think that people have an inherent (misplaced) phobia of insects,but if we slow down and LOOK... we would discover the natural beauty of this world's finerworks of art. The textures, patterns, colors, and structures of the insect world are... well... tiny, andsometimes impossible to see with the naked eye. Therein lies the beauty of Macro Photography.
Skeeter is currently VicePresident of the Metro Professional PhotographersAssociation (Oklahoma City club).
August 12, 2019
Stuart Ostler
Erin McGregor
As the multi-year Capitol restoration project continues, photographersStuart Ostler and Erin McGregor of the Oklahoma Legislative ServiceBureau will chronicle the extensive work being conducted. Inconjunction, the Oklahoma Arts Council is pleased to curate a rotatingselection of Ostler's and McGregor's photographs, displaying them inthe Governor's Gallery for Capitol staff and the public to view.

Encompassing a documentary-style approach, exhibition images willoffer an intimate vantage point from which the viewer may examinethe intricacies, complexities, and scale of the work being performed toprepare the Capitol to serve Oklahoma for the next century. In additionto documenting the project's transient moments and proffering uniquevignettes, images will uncover long-forgotten stories of the Capitol'spast and connect them to our investment in its future.

Located on the second floor of the Capitol, adjacent to the Governor'sBlue Room, the Governor's Gallery is open weekdays from 8:30 a.m.to 5:00 p.m. Exhibitions will rotate approximately every 60 days.

Sponsored in part by JE Dunn Construction and ManhattanConstruction, the exhibitions are curated by the Oklahoma ArtsCouncil.
Each member is encouraged to bring homemade or store bought icecream. Either type of ice cream is acceptable. Cookies, cake or other desserts and snacks are welcome as well. Please bring serving spoons. Bowls, cups, utensils and napkins will be provided by theClub.

During the Ice Cream Social, members will vote on submitted photos for the Human Portrait Contest (one photo per member).

Club members in attendance will vote for First, Second and Third Place.

Prizes: First Place: One individual free membership for 2020. Second and Third Place get Bragging Rights.
September 9, 2019

Ice Cream Social and
Human Portrait Contest
Stu Ostler
Attended the University of  Utah and Westminster College in Salt Lake City,  Stu Ostler is the Photo Division Manager and photographer for Legislative Service Bureau  - State of Oklahoma.  For nearly 24 years, Stu has recorded history in its assorted and "sorted" forms at the State Capitol … His work is published in several books including The House Oklahoma Built, The Original Oklahoma Constitution 1907, and The Art of the Oklahoma State Capitol.  He lives in OKC, three miles from the Capitol in a 92 year-old stucco Tudor house.

Erin McGregor
Graduate of Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma School of Photography, and University of Central Oklahoma, Erin McGregor is a Legislative Photographer for the State of Oklahoma. For nearly 20 years, Erin has captured politicians in their natural habitat! Her work is published in multiple books, magazines, and newspapers, including the NY Times. She lives in Edmond with her husband, two teenage boys, and four rescue dogs.