Robert Trawick and Jim Felder: Two guys talking photography
[Artspace] at Untitled is a contemporary art center designed to stimulate creative thought and new ideas through the presentation of exhibits focusing on national and international artists. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, Untitled is committed to providing free public access to its programs, performances, and publications, and to engaging the community in collaborative outreach efforts.
Thomas Shahan: Jumping spiders and other arthropods
Thomas Shahan is an art student at the University of Oklahoma studying printmaking and is an amateur macro photographer in his free time - specializing in jumping spiders and other arthropods. His colorful insect and spider portraiture has been featured in major magazines, and Shahan himself was a guest on NBC's The Today Show to discuss his work.
PhotographTalk: Digital Photography Forum
-Photography Articles
-Galleries where you can post your photography
-A comprehensive "review" section of photographic gear
-Exclusive photography social networking
-A whole lot more...
Photographic Society of America
We are a worldwide interactive organization for anyone interested in photography, be they casual or serious amateurs or professional photographers. We offer our individual, camera club, and council members a wide variety of activities: a monthly magazine, photo and digital competitions, study groups via mail and the internet, how-to programs, an annual conference, and a raft of other activities and services.
Digital Truth Photo Site
A wonderful source of photographic information, includng the MASSIVE DEVELOPMENT CHART, which has information on all known film and developer combinations.
Masters of Photography
Displaying the works of many famous photographers.
Norman Koren Photography
An outstanding site displaying many example of both Black & White and Color photography. Also contains a tutorial on using a simplified Zone system to improve your photography as well as instructions to help get the most out of your digital photos.
Bill Horn, Birds of Oklahoma
Bill Horn's wonderful bird page with photos galore and information on attracting and feeding various species of birds.
International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum
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Tips on every facet of photography. Simply a GREAT site! As it says in the logo, "The Internet's #1 guide to better photography". hints and examples from noted photographers. Don't miss this site!
The Unblinking Eye
A photography site with something for everyone. Outstanding articles, darkroom hints and examples from noted photographers. Don't miss this site!
The American Museum of Photography
The American Museum of Photography is an award-winning Virtual Museum dedicated to educating, informing, and sharing great photographs with millions of Internet visitors world-wide. Exhibitions are drawn from the Museum's Collection, started by Wm. B. Becker more than 30 years ago. The Collection includes five thousand individual images, from the earliest daguerreotype portraits to the work of Ansel Adams. Each photograph has been chosen for its visual impact as well as for the importance of its content.
PhotoLinks is the leading online photography directory serving the internet photography community since 1997. We serve over 400,000 visitors a month on a wide variety of photography topics in over 80 categories with more than 24,000 unique listings.
Guide to Accredited Photography Colleges & Schools
Check the Guide to Accreditation in Higher Education to learn more about accreditation and how to determine if the program you select meets the necessary standards. Note that there is no official accrediting agency in the United States specifically for photography degree programs, so many hiring managers use school prestige and ranking as a way to assess the quality of your education and degree. Therefore, you should always attend an institutionally accredited school to distinguish your resumé and skill set from others.